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I had the lands of the lease, I do not know, when I was limed, I gave 800kg/ha, even I did not expect that will give the effect. The first year and a good harvest. Good investment!!

Krzysztof Madej


At rape 600 kg / ha under wheat and 700, returned at harvest

Andrzej  Solec Kujawski


Someone from the company made me realize that as the land is sour and other fertilizers little give, after Wapniaku Koszelowskim himself with his own eyes the convinced. A big difference. Thanks!! I have been with Agroloku.

Pawlo Sandomierz


As every year visit doradzców and a lot of proposals, lime German, Polish granular and chalk. I took wapniak Koszelowskie. The plant gave me even certified veterinarian that could give and Pet. On the field and into the barn, I like something like this!

Gospodarstwo Chodzie??


I took for fun in the spring and in the autumn already on the acreage. In the end, some lime what works.

Anna Grójec


I have a 4 ha apple orchard, the pH has improved greatly, but more glad that I had a smaller loss in storage after wapniaku.

Artur Warka


I brought the steaming yet, but the next day I was ok, the pellet was not too strong, but it's not chalk stone and waited for the results. Without exaggeration, increased by 0.8 point in pH. Previously, as I prefer buying dolomite did not even write what was on the field.

Marian Borysewicz


I gave and the vegetables and the kukurydze.Jest effect. It helped.



I was afraid to scab on potatoes, because they poured per capita. It's okay. I bought Chemirolu, the spring again try on. Grassland also zwapnowa??em Limestones.

Micha?? - Toru??