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Agriculture and Gardening

- Deacidification of soil, and animal fodder.

Reaction of soil is determined by a pH indicator with an appropriate figure. The acidity of soil has a tremendous effect on the intensity of weathering of soil, change of its properties, the development of microorganisms, activation of nutritive elements, and eventually – fertility. The micro-flora of soil, such as bacteria and fungi, both respond to changes occurring in the reaction of the environment, whereby the higher the acidity, the greater the number of fungi, and the smaller the amount of bacteria. However, the quantities of fungi do not increase with the same intensiveness as the amount of bacteria decreases, and furthermore, fungi do not take part in many processes that solely depend on bacteria. Therefore, at a certain acidity of soil, their biological abilities decrease, and, to restore their biological activity, such soils must be limed.

Power Industry

Desulphurization of Gas

Construction and Civil Engineering

Technical filling material, for example for production of Baum’s.

Synthetic Materials

To polyethylene and polypropylene, frequently applied in processing, belong filling materials based on chalk (calcium carbonate). Chalk-based filling materials have beneficial effect on the strength to the effects of impact, whereas talcum filling materials worsen this kind of strength. Also the strength to stretching is much better in the case of chalk-based filling materials, in comparison to those talcum based.

Technical chalks are also employed in the production of paint, putty, plywood, rubber mixtures, ceramic products, mortars, monument renovation, in pharmaceutical and chemical industries.