08-205 Kornica
Koszelówka 9 A

E-mail: biuro@kzkpolska.com
Tel. 0 697 606 155
Tel. 0 695 325 796
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About us
The Koszelowka Chalk Plant is a modern enterprise in the eastern part of Poland. We produce natural fertilizers and technological chalk in granulated and powdered forms. Within the scope of our activities are also products for construction, pharmaceutical, rubber, power industries, and many others. Production is based on our own open-cast mine that belongs to the largest writing chalk deposit in Poland. It is white soft limestone whose characteristic ingredients are very fine calcite skeleton elements of planktonic Flagellata. Chalk also contains shells of small Foraminifera, and pelitic calcite. Not only does it allow us to reduce production costs, but also guarantees long-term continuous cooperation to our clients.

We operate using technological lines assuring performance at a level of tens of thousands of tons of ready to use, ecological product per annum. Apart from our expertise in agriculture and technology, we also have innovative experience which enables us together with our clients to create and develop new products.

Our team of experienced staff and consultants provide their knowledge and support for our customers.

Your involvement and cooperation will be most welcome!
The Management of the Koszelowka Chalk Plant