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Interview with chalk and calcium

Below we present the text of an interview to one of the portals agriculture.

He wants me to tell you about the Cretaceous fertilizer and for sure you will say that is the best calcium fertilizer ?

 So to speak, because it's true . Chalk fertilizer is arguably the most effective calcium fertilizer . This was confirmed a long time practically and theoretically fields in laboratories.

So says every sales representative visiting the farmer. What is the uniqueness of fertilizer Cretaceous to other calcium fertilizers ?

To ensure everyone can , but not everyone can lend credibility , it is just ró??nica.Kreda fertilizer is primarily geologically youngest calcium carbonate and that means its exceptional fineness and softness as well as secure , carbonate and quick action . Chalk with Poland's largest deposits of Koszelówka known to be so kind . chalk is just such properties . These properties do not have any other calcium fertilizer . Both dolomite and limestone rocks have crystallized structure , strictly speaking there are stones and even after the fragmentation of such remains , while the chalk is soft as clay, has an amorphous structure and flocks of its unique design and performance not found in other fertilizers calcium .

Dolomite and limestone rocks do not have such properties ?

 Sorry , do not have or May in a very limited extent , this can be seen , moreover, the effects on the field. If dolomite is not perfectly powdered , its purchase and use of pointless , will dissolve year . Marble is also calcium carbonate , but please try to dissolve ... We have contact with many farmers who used fertilizer for years dolomite perfectly leveled magnesium levels , but no improvements in soil pH . Solubility and absorption is really one of the most important factors.

Recently conducted studies limestone electron microscope to better see the structure of the fertilizer. The difference between chalk and limestone rest is shocking . Chalk is so fragmented , that in order to see the structure we had to make the magnification of 50 000 times , while the dolomite already at 500 × magnification showed his " stone " structure and further increase it was pointless , and yet both samples sproszkowali??my in the same way.

What makes a good fertilizer calcium ?

There is no one-size- meter. Typically, as the most important lists the fragmentation of fertilizer , the content of the pure component and the so-called . reactivity or the ability of dissolution , measured on a scale of 1 to 100 %. Against this background, the worst record dolomite with an average of about 25 % reactivity , better fall limestone , with an average of about 50 %, while the chalk has a reactivity of 98-99 %. That's a huge difference . In addition, chalk contains ok.95 % CaCO3 and trace elements , including a lot of potassium , which is not the norm in other fertilizers . Good calcium fertilizer is a fertilizer effect , because every time a farmer should request from the manufacturer not only an information sheet about fertilizer , but also confirmed by laboratory tests. In my opinion , a company that does not provide testing a / data or covers up a secret is not credible . It's hard to trust someone who is hiding something .

What practical gains farmer deciding to chalk fertilizer ? Is its use differs from the use of other fertilizers calcium ?

 Yes, different , and very much to the benefit of the farmer. Chalk due to its properties can be used virtually all year round , as top dressing , without mixing with the soil . It is not only convenient , but also saves . It is also an excellent fertilizer for fruit growers and vegetable crops . He still has one difference , which is personally a very high value . In addition to rapid and safe operation , change in soil pH , results in plant growth visible to the naked eye in the first year of use. It's always very happy farmer and me, because it gives meaning to my work as well .

Do not you exaggerating with this growth ?

Not at all , please ask farmers or growers who already have used our chalk. From year to year there are more and come back to us. Their neighbors also . All the time we like to spy on neighbors. And well . Please note also that the effective liming also blocked the release date in the soil elements and savings in the use of other fertilizers. This is an important argument today at current prices of fertilizers . If the situation forces us to save for compound fertilizers , at least Liberate what we already have in the soil.

Choosing calcium fertilizer on the market , how to recognize the chalk ?

Regarding the determination of calcium fertilizers , we have the 2004 regulation . Chalk is denoted by symbols from 06a to 09a and only fertilizer with such designation is chalk .. If the fertilizer has no such designation is not fertilizer chalk . It is very important for the import of fertilizer sold as chalk and non- chalk . Let us ask a reliable laboratory tests , the farmers of May to the full right and even an obligation manufacturer . The card itself is not enough product .

In what form is produced fertilizer chalky and how fast does it work?

Chalk produce fertilizer in granular form and packed in 40 kg bags and big bags packing 500 kg . In the summer , when weather conditions permit, we also produce dry chalk ground at an attractive price . The granulation process is more complicated and requires more effort .

As for performance, it has already observed at 3 months after application. Effects of the application are shown in the change of pH and growth of the plants in the first year of use.

A dose ?

There is no one-size doses . Knowing the pH of the soil and agronomic soil class will choose the dose using easily even from the table on page www.kzkpolska.com

Compared with other fertilizers limestone are much smaller doses due to very high concentrations of calcium in the Cretaceous .


It certainly fertilizer chalk is not cheap ?

 Now, it is cheap. It is primarily granular fertilizer produced in Poland from its own deposits with a price far lower than imported fertilizers . If you count the value for the properties of chalk, calcium, amount of use, the applicability and effects , turns out to be the cheapest. We do not need to do complex comparisons , the same converter will give us a quick answer . Just try it once .

Is chalk fertilizer granules produced is recycled ?

 Machining of chalk is a difficult process for the manufacturer . Because of its softness and fragmentation granulation is not easy. For a product to be fully recycled, granulation is done with water , drying to occur in large rotary kilns . What for us is not easy consequently proves advantageous for the farmer . Through this process we obtain a fully eco-friendly fertilizer , no additives and retaining at each stage of the production of its unique characteristics . Do not use enhancers or binders, chalk after zgranulowaniu has the same properties as before the process. This is the optimal solution for the farmer.


Fertilizer is chalky many farmers little known , what it comes from ?

 It is very quickly changing. In Poland we have only two active mines so . chalk , and dozens of mines dolomite and a little less limestone mine . This is one of the reasons . More than 70 % of the acreage of soils in Poland requires urgent liming , the need for effective calcium fertilizers is enormous. Cretaceous deposits are very limited , there are , unfortunately, not enough.


Recently appeared on the market expensive foreign calcium fertilizers .

Farmers promises to be above-average results. As a farmer is treated ?

 Indeed , some companies operate according to the principle " I promise you that much , which does not give you one .. " Farmers should remember that they are the same group of customers as all other market participants , and are also the subject of marketing , and not always transparent .. Each manufacturer operates by selling and wants to maximize it , and it makes some moving sometimes to empty promises . How to defend ? It should first of all pay attention to the research , preferably conducted in Polish , accredited laboratories. If it turns out wonderful fertilizer to the study of ordinary calcium fertilizer processing of limestone or calcium fertilizer obtained from secondary production of highly incomprehensible price, it does not require a comment. The situation in agriculture is not easy, let's not even buy the marketing and the product itself . Respect your own money . Do not guided by emotions and a passing fad , let us trust common sense , research and specialists. In short, let us ask of reliable research , let us ask experts before we spend money .