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The new site of our company!

Our new website will bring you the essence of the use of fertilizer and chalk
will help you decide before you buy lime fertilizer .

We tried to make the information contained helped in understanding the need for liming and
orientation measures liming materials available on the market .

We hope that objectively presented the advantages of chalk fertilizer 06a in relation to
Other product and the benefits arising from its use.

We share with you our experience and we look forward
for your valuable comments and feedback.

Produced by us Limestone Koszelowskie has already been used on thousands of hectares of crops in Poland. We met with the approval of farmers and confirmed its effectiveness in laboratory studies . As the only company that produces calcium fertilizer in Poland made ????a study of the structure of credit and other types of lime in the electron microscope with magnification x 50 thousand . The results of these tests are presented on our website. (SHOW).

We strive at all times to ensure that our products are getting better and better . We are also pleased with each of your success .

We always offer you our knowledge and enjoy your harvest !


Koszelowskie plants Chalk